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Costco Holiday Hours 2024-2025 | πŸ›’ Open – Closed Schedule

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⚠️Holidays & severe weather may affect normal hours of operation⚠️

Costco Holiday Hours Schedule
  • People typically spend 25 min to 1.5 hr here

Get verified information about “Costco Holiday Hours” and if the store is open or closed on holidays.

Explore our comprehensive holiday hours for grocery store Page to find details on more about your favorites.

For over 45 years, Costco has evolved into one of the world’s biggest retail chains after getting its start in San Diego back in 1976.

Costco stores feel like a treasure hunt with ever-changing merchandise. Their unique warehouse concept offers bulk pricing on an eclectic, rotating inventory.

In the following guide, you will find accurate information on the Costco Holiday Hours Schedule & Timings 2024.

Store Type:
Grocery Store Chain

Founders: James Sinegal,
Jeffrey Brotman

No. of stores (US):

When Is Costco Closed on Holidays?

  • Closed on 1st January 2024, on the occasion of New Year’s Day.
  • Closed on 31st March 2024, on the occasion of Easter.
  • Closed on 27th May 2024, on the occasion of Memorial Day.
  • Closed on 4th July 2024, on the occasion of Independence Day.
  • Closed on 2nd September 2024, on the occasion of Labor Day.
  • Closed on 28th November 2024, on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day.
  • Closed on 25th December 2024, on the occasion of Christmas Day.

Costco Holiday Hours 2024 – Open-Closed Schedule Calendar:

Costco gives members access to 7 days a week to shop from its warehouses. Standard hours run from 10 am-8:30 pm Monday to Friday. Weekend shoppers can visit from 9:30 am-7 pm on Saturdays and 11 a.m.-5 pm on Sundays. Some locations stay open later.

Costco remains closed for a total of 7 holidays every year. Costco warehouses are closed on significant holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. They close early on Christmas Eve, Black Friday, and New Year’s Eve.

On Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day, most stores stick to shorter hours rather than closing the whole day. To be sure about Costso’s holiday schedule, refer to the below holiday calendar before planning your next trip.

DateDayHolidayIs Costco Open or closed?
1st January 2024MondayNew Year's Day in United States New Year’s DayCLOSED
6th January 2024SaturdayEpiphany Day in United States Epiphany Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
15th January 2024MondayMartin Luther King Day in United States Martin Luther King Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
14th February 2024WednesdayValentine's Day - Two bird's kissing each other Valentine’s Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
19th February 2024MondayPresidents' Day - Two flags waving on the White house Presidents’ Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
17th March 2024SundayGreen Hat: St. Patricks Day Hours Schedule St. Patrick’s Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
29th March 2024FridayGood Friday Hours Schedule Good Friday10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
31st March 2024SundayColorful Eggs: Easter Hours Schedule EasterCLOSED
1st April 2024MondayColorful Single Egg: Day After Easter Hours Schedule Day After Easter10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
12th May 2024SundayMother Holding a Child: Mothers Day Hours Schedule Mother’s Day11 A.M To 5 P.M
27th May 2024MondaySoldiers Saluting: Memorial Day Hours Schedule Memorial DayCLOSED
14th June 2024FridayAmerican Flag: Flag Day Hours Schedule Flag Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
16th June 2024SundayFather and Son Hugging: Fathers Day Hours Schedule Father’s Day11 A.M To 5 P.M
19th June 2024WednesdayTricolor Heart: Juneteenth Day Hours Schedule Juneteenth Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
4th July 2024ThursdayPeople Celebrating USA Independence Day: Independence Day Hours Schedule Independence DayCLOSED
2nd September 2024MondayAmerican flag with tools in hands: Labor Day Hours Schedule Labor DayCLOSED
11th September 2024WednesdayPatriot Day in United States Patriot Day11 A.M To 5 P.M
17th September 2024Tuesday3 Stars in American Flag Colors: Constitution Day Hours Schedule Constitution Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
14th October 2024MondayColumbus Day Holiday in United States Columbus Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
14th October 2024MondayIndigenous Peoples' Day US Indigenous Peoples’ Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
31st October 2024ThursdayHalloween Trick and Treat Day in United States Halloween10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
11th November 2024MondaySoldier saluting US flag on Veterans Day Veterans Day9:30 A.M To 7 P.M
27th November 2024WednesdayA chicken serving food on the occassion of Thanksgiving eve Thanksgiving Eve10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
28th November 2024ThursdayTwo kids preparing for the Thanksgiving day Thanksgiving DayCLOSED
29th November 2024FridayBlack Friday sale Black Friday9 A.M To 8:30 P.M
7th December 2024SaturdayPearl Harbor Remembrance Day in United States Pearl Harbor Remembrance10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
24th December 2024TuesdayOn the chrimas eve santa claus entering in house through chimney Christmas Eve8:30 A.M To 5 P.M
25th December 2024WednesdayChristmas tree twinkling on Christmas Day Christmas DayCLOSED
26th December 2024ThursdayWomen kicking on Boxing Day Boxing Day10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
31st December 2024TuesdayNew Year's Eve Holiday Hours New Year’s Eve8:30 A.M To 6 P.M
1st Jan 2025WednesdayNew Year's Day Holiday Hours New Year’s DayCLOSED
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Costco Reward System:

While Costco does not seem to offer special holiday rewards, the Executive Membership program provides year-round rewards and perks to loyal members. Here are some of their special perks for the Executive Members:

  1. 2% Annual Reward: Executive Members get 2% back annually on qualified Costco purchases, up to $1,000.
  2. Travel Purchases: 2% Reward earned on Executive Member travel purchases made through Costco Travel, awarded after completing travel.
  3. Reward Tracking: The current reward amount can be checked by signing into the Costco online account. Learn more or sign up for the Costco Executive rewards on their website.

Costco’s reward or discount programs may vary by location. Hence, it is advised to check their website or give a call to your nearest Costco store just to be sure.

Does Costco Accept Online Orders On Holidays?

Costco offers delivery for food, household supplies, and medicines ordered on their website. Customers can choose fast shipping through Instacart or other delivery options. Costco even offers a 2 Day Delivery.

During holidays, the website seems to stay open, so most customers will be able to order. Costco does not deliver items on Sundays. The delivery fees vary based on speed.

You can also return online orders at any warehouse or through the website. Costco gives members a convenient way to get items delivered. We recommend reaching out to your local Costco store or contacting customer service to verify holiday operating hours.

Costco Holiday Video Commercial:

What Holidays is Costco Open “Near Me”?

Want to get your groceries restocked before the holiday season? Get the latest information about Costco’s holiday operating schedule from home and swing by whenever you can.

Are you wondering how you can get Costco’s schedule without visiting or calling? Read along and you will find out through the Costco Store locator.

When going out for shopping, here are a few things you might need to consider taking with you:

  • Shopping List
  • Reusable Shopping Bags
  • Wallet/Purse
  • Mobile Phone
  • Umbrella or Raincoat – If Raining or Sunny
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Coupons/Discount Vouchers
  • Water Bottle
  • Face Mask/Sanitizer
  • Shopping Comparison Apps
  • Loyalty/Reward Cards
  • Portable Charger or Power Bank

Costco Store Locator:

Costco offers a store locator feature on its website for shoppers to find a nearby Costco store and all the important information about it. To locate a Costco warehouse near you, simply follow the below steps to use the store locator on the Costco website:

Find the Costco Store Locator on the Costo Wholesale Website
  • Now that you are on the Costco store locator page, search for your location with your area zip code and hit enter.
  • The locator will automatically search and display a list of Costco locations in your area.
  • Pick the one that is closest to you and click on the Store Details link to see all the store info.
Spot Your Nearest Costco Grocery Store
  • As you hit the Store Details option, you will see all the details about that Costco store.
Get Information about your Nearest Costco Store
  • This page will show information like standard weekly hours, an address, a contact number, warehouse services, departments and their specialties, and much more.

>> Contact Costco Customer Care <<

Costco Hours Of Operations – Standard Weekly Hours:

Week DaysIs Costco Open Today?
MondayOpen- 10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
TuesdayOpen- 10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
WednesdayOpen- 10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
ThursdayOpen- 10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
FridayOpen- 10 A.M To 8:30 P.M
SaturdayOpen- 9:30 A.M To 7 P.M
SundayOpen- 11 A.M To 5 P.M
Costco’s Weekly Holiday Hours and Timings
If there is a Holiday today, check ➀

Costco Festive Hours FAQs

Q: Is Costco open on Memorial Day?

A: No, all Costco stores remain closed on Memorial Day in the US.

Q: Is Costco open on Easter 2024?

A: No, Costco stores remain shut on Easter Sunday.

Q: Is Costco open on Holidays?

A: Costco is closed on 7 holidays every year. Refer to Costco’s Holiday Calendar at the beginning the the post to learn about their special holiday schedule.

Q: What are Costco’s Black Friday Hours?

A: Costco stores have special holiday hours on Black Friday. The operating hours are 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Q: Is Costco open on New Year’s Day?

A: No, Costco stores do not open on New Year’s Day. The store remains closed for the celebration.

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