The stock market takes days off during the holiday season. Major holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and the 4th of July are days when the stock market has special hours. It is closed on those major holidays. That means no trading of stocks happens!

Big stock markets such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) are all closed on those holidays. Popular trading companies such as Charles Schwab and big businesses like Berkshire Hathaway also follow the stock market holiday schedule.

You can look at a stock market holiday calendar for this year to see the holiday schedule. Knowing when the market is closed for holidays is good so you can plan when to buy and sell stocks. After each holiday, the stock market will open back up and trading will start normally again the next business day.

List of Stock Markets With Holiday Hours For 2024

Since banks have different holiday hours, check below for your specific bank’s holiday schedule.