Not all grocery stores keep the same holiday hours. Some like Kroger and Publix stay open year-round with shorter hours on certain holidays. Others like Costco close for most major holidays and get busy before them. Below you’ll find holiday schedules for top chains. I check with the companies directly so you’ll know if stores are open or closed before grabbing your cart.

No more showing up with your shopping list only to find the supermarket closed for Easter! With the latest holiday operating hours here, you can plan your grocery trips and know what to expect. Whether you need to stop for snacks before a 4th of July BBQ or get ingredients for a Thanksgiving feast, I’ve got you covered. You’ll have the inside scoop on when major grocery stores are open to shop on holidays.

List of Grocery Stores With Holiday Hours For 2024

Grocery stores keep different holiday hours, so check below for your specific store’s schedule on each holiday.